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You do so much for your students. You already have a good handle on all of the core subjects like math, geography, history—not the easiest task. Bravo!

Sometimes though you may find yourself wondering if there’s more you can provide for your children.

The answer is simple: yes you can.

Give your children the top-of-the-line homeschooling experience they deserve by adding in our programs. Our educators specialize in science, arts and music, technology, and the language arts to help deepen your student’s education. Give them this wider perspective they will need for a brighter, more prosperous future. 

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Art classes will cover art history, sculpture, and drawing. History will focus on art created during the Middle Ages and carry all the way through 20th century contemporary art. Sculpture will introduce students to such materials like clay, papier-mâché and wire to invoke creativity. Drawing, meanwhile, will invite students to put charcoal and oil pastels to use.

For more information, contact

Ms. Moon
(719) 403-5858 x 303

Art Syllabus


Language Arts

Our language arts program will concentrate on phonological and phonemic awareness while initiating communication skills. The curriculum will also provide them with a strong working knowledge of letter writing, vocabulary, journaling and creative writing. Language arts will stress the importance of reading by sharing classic and contemporary books at each appropriate age level.

For more information, contact
Ms. Incerto 
(719) 403-5858 x 304


LA/Communications Syllabus

Literature Syllabus



Homeschoolers will learn from a variety of musical educational opportunities. They will gain a deep understanding of music theory, famous composers, and explore a variety of genres spanning from classic to contemporary. They will also enjoy hands-on experiences including reading music, improvising melodies, performing with instruments, and working on tonality, rhythm, and pitch.

For more information, contact
Mrs. Cooper
(719) 403-5858 x 303

Music Syllabus



Our science program covers health science, human biology, and physical science. Such content will include nutrition, healthy habits, patterns of motion, and understanding the various forms of energy. For technology, students will be introduced to Google Docs and Google Draw as well as a variety of cutting-edge programs such as Chrome Music Lab, AI Duet, Tynker, and Stop Motion Animation.

For more information, contact

Ms. Martinez
(719) 403-5858 x 304

Science/STEM Syllabus

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