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Enroll now for Fall 2021

(719) 404-2680 x 104 or

Daily Student Routine:

  1. Log into Chromebook (laptop)

  2. Click on Schoology

  3. Go to the Scheduled Class Folder

  4. Follow daily instructions

Who to contact?

Tech. support and/or passwords: Use Tech Support Option above or Live Chat below
Flex Schedule options, Attendance: Mr. Tapia 
Classroom or Content Questions: Grade level teachers 
Director of E-Learning: 719-404-2680 x 104


4-8 English/Language Arts:
4-5 Math, Soc. Studies, Science: TBD but for now, 
6-8 Math and Science: 


The teachers will be teaching two or more grade levels per day and may not be able to immediately respond to emails. Please give them 24 hours to respond, but they will be working with many students. If you have an emergency, please contact I.T or Mr. Tapia. 

Parent Guidelines:

Parents are a crucial part of this program, but please remember that when live sessions are in place, they are a classroom. You may sit nearby during the lessons, but interaction with the teacher or other students during a live lesson is not an option. You may request communication after the online class, but not during. This is important to maintain the structure and safety for all students. Also, please be sure that siblings and pets are not involved in the lesson, only the student in the class. 

YouTube Videos will be Shared and Stored Below (This will be for Schoology tutorials, PowerSchool, etc…)


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