2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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COVID-19 Guidelines 2021 for PSAS

COVID-19 Response in the Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences Network 2021-22 - Updated Sept. 2021

COVID-19 Response in the Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences Network At PSAS, we are committed to the safety and wellness of all our students, staff, and of our surrounding community. During the 2021-2022 school year, we are prepared to adjust our school response to all COVID-19 requirements. In an effort to balance protecting the safety of our students with their learning needs, we will continue to follow all mandates issued by local, state, and federal authorities; and, we will continue to exceed recommendations for cleaning through the use of ultraviolet lights, increased sanitation, and other safety measures to keep our students, staff, and community safe during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our current guidelines on vaccines: We do not currently have a vaccine requirement for students or faculty to engage in school activities at PSAS. If you are interested in a vaccine, please contact the Pueblo Health Department. Our current guidelines on illness: If you, your student, or a close family member has symptoms of Covid or is ill, please keep your student home from school until symptoms have abated. Our current guidelines for masking following the recommended protocols: Individuals are expected to wear a mask at Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences. Please read the Pueblo County Health Department order for a full list of requirements and exemptions. (PCHD Order 8/30/21) Our current guidelines for reporting and quarantine: PSAS had several quaratines and reporting incidents in the 2020/2021 school. Following last year, not a single PSAS student or staff member suffered serious COVID-19 related illness that resulted in hospitalization or death. In the larger Pueblo community, the impact of the flu was more serious and deadly for Pueblo students. However, Pueblo did see a dramatic rise in mental health crises for our students and substantial learning loss for our most at-risk students. We now have 18 months of experience with the impacts of transmission, quarantine, and infection of Covid-19. This experience has informed us that keeping students and staff in the classroom is a priority at our school. PSAS staff are dedicated and trained education professionals, not medical professionals. Following any testing for COVID-19, your local health department will direct you on quarantining protocols for you and your family. In order to help your family make the best decision in line with your values, PSAS will offer onsite testing. The current state guidance directs all clinical labs and health care providers to report COVID-19 test results both positive and negative to the Health Department. If the school is notified of a confirmed positive case from a source other than the Pueblo County Health Department, PSAS administration will report that case to PCHD. We will continue alerting students, staff, and parents of known classroom exposures so all individuals are appropriately informed, will monitor closely for symptoms, and may choose to increase personal mitigation measures as necessary. We trust our families to make decisions that match their values and level of sensitivity and to follow all directives from the PCHD. Testing: PSAS will offer testing through BeechTree Laboratories to all students and families free of charge. PSAS will NOT see the results of those tests. BeechTree Laboratories, as a clinical lab provider, is required to submit all testing results to the proper health authorities. Additionally, families will receive those test results and can act accordingly. If a student or staff member tests positive, they should follow all directives by the PCHD and should stay home from school. PSAS’s current absence policy allows for excused absences for illness, and does not require the school to know the specific medical diagnosis. PSAS is currently exploring several options for onsite testing including testing during the lunch hour, before or after school, and during designated times during the school day. All procedural updates will be sent out as they are determined. PSAS values student information privacy and every measure will be taken to ensure student privacy is protected from the collection of the test to the dissemination of results.

Beechtree Labs Partnership - Optional COVID-19 Testing for PSAS

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Beechtree Laboratories to provide COVID-19 tests weekly to PSAS stakeholders, including students, staff, and families. COVID-19 testing will begin on Friday, September 3, 2021. We have sought the service of Beechtree Laboratories to help ensure student and community safety and support the previous COVID-19 protocols sent to families. Beechtree is a highly experienced laboratory located in Draper, UT. They have been testing across the US supporting states, municipalities, airports, schools, hospitals, drive-thru sites, the US Military, and the movie, oil, sports, and fishing industries. PSAS has elected to partner with Beechtree because they offer: -Fast Turn-Around Results (within 24 Hours) -Simple, Fast, and Efficient Service On-Site -Zero Cost to Families At-Home Test Kits The partnership between PSAS and Beechtree supports CDC recommendations, creating a layered approach that includes regular screen testing. The CDC states, “to be effective the screening program should test at least once per week, and rapidly (within 24 hours) report results.” PSAS is excited to partner with Beechtree as this helps provide a safe, equitable, and consistent learning experience for all students and families this school year. The program will be optional for families and is mandated only for activities where students leave campus. More information will be sent home in the coming weeks with directions and logistics for each campus. To start the process, families can register and provide consent for your student using the information below. REGISTRATION AND CONSENT Please register your child and provide consent for testing in the Beechtree application by scanning the QR Code below. This is a one-time registration and consent for the school year. You can withdraw consent at any time but won’t need to register your child every week. Once registered, a QR Code is provided to the child’s phone. If they do not have a device, a lanyard card will be provided. Thank you very much for your understanding and we are very pleased to be able to use this layered approach to allow us to manage the risk of COVID-19 spread this year and keep our students in class. If you have any questions, please reach out to your campus principal. To learn more about Beechtree Laboratories, click here!