PSAS E-Rate 2021

This Form 470 is to only service Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences Jones Campus. For any questions please visit our E-Rate website at This will be our only source of fielding questions and responding to answers. All questions and responses are open for all to see. For a layout of the grounds and any additional information please visit our E-Rate Website. We are only seeking proposals that include installation and will include compatibility with the current Ruckus infrastructure. Currently, we receive speeds of 100 Mbps download and 100 Mbps upload. Depending on schedules and testing we could potentially have 550+ devices on the network at a given time maxing out around 700 devices at one time. Activities range from streaming lessons to wireless displays, online documents,
spreadsheets, ie. google docs. Our network is heavily internet-based with a google domain, online curriculum, online testing, etc. Any bids received after March 24, 2021, will not be considered.

Building Layout