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The Fine Arts Program was developed to accompany both K-4 and 5-12 students. The K-4 offering is called the Renaissance Innovation Academy Program, which will provide a one-day-a-week fine arts, performing arts and STEM program. The 5-12 offering is the Theather Program, which will produce a live show by the semester's end. Fifth-grade students and older will be a part of acting and producing a play from performance to building/painting sets, lights, sound, and stage management. 

Renaissance Innovation Academy
K-4 Offering

Renaissance Innovation Academy strives to be an exemplary homeschool partner that nurtures each students’ full potential.  We support homeschool students with tuition-free, safe, innovative, and personalized educational programs. RIA, in partnership with PSAS, offers a one-day-per-week Kindergarten-4th grade fine arts/performing arts/STEM program. 


Please see the attached documents for more information on the 36-week program.  We will have student celebration nights once per semester to display, perform or demonstrate their learning and provide community-building opportunities with our families and stakeholders. 


Eric Dinnel


Madison Martinez 



Jones Campus

2415 Jones Ave.

Pueblo, CO 81004

RIA Days



Stage Curtains
Theater Program
5-12 Offering
Theater Program days


9:30 AM - 3:00 PM


The program will result in a play at semester's end. During the semester the student will learn onstage work: the basics as well as character development, how the actor brings the character to life, script work/storyline. 

Tech/production work: light and sound design, stage management, building sets, painting scenery, costuming, makeup,  marquee painting, program design. 

Impossible Players Theater

1201 N Main Street

Pueblo, CO 81003

Darin Stuart