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Fulton Heights

Maker School

At PSAS Fulton Heights we incorporate the best of what PSAS has done well for so many years with a twenty-first-century focus on creativity, communication, and collaboration through maker projects.

In our maker school students are presented with real-life challenges. They solve these problems by inventing, repurposing, or customizing things in the real and digital worlds. Making has a long and storied history based on engineering, design, and problem-solving.  Makers are interactive, imaginative, and thoughtful. 



At PSAS Fulton Heights our classroom spaces are designed so students can engage the maker spirit by having creative and interactive experiences. Their experiences are rooted in the Paideia philosophies about quality schooling and integration of the humanities and coupled with modern science, technology, engineering, art, and math focus. Integrating the humanities with reading, writing, math, and science ensures students develop well-rounded foundations for any life path they choose. Our students imagine, build, create, tear down, improve, and recreate the things we see and use every day. 

Mr. Hirshon


"Choosing PSAS Fulton Heights is choosing to be a maker."