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At our PSAS K-12 Homeschool Enrichment Program, we give our students every advantage possible to provide them a well-rounded experience with our three tracks: the Fine Arts, Falcon Aerolab, and our Outdoor Leadership and Earth Steward programs. 

Take a look below at each of our offerings to determine if our PSAS Homeschool Enrichment Program is the right fit for you and your child.

Three Tracks of our PSAS Homeschool Enrichment Program

The Outdoor Leadership and Earth Steward Program (OLESP) provides experiential outdoor and environmental education for K-12 grade students. It is designed around outdoor skills and an understanding of the environmental concepts needed to be an "Earth Steward". 

Outdoor Leadership and Earth Steward Program 

Falcon Aerolab

The Falcon Aerolab gives our students the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences and explore with pilots, astronauts, engineers, scientists, and more as well as learning how to building a drone, launch rockets and fly in a helicopter.

Fine Arts

The Fine Arts Program will produce a live show by semesters end. Fifth students and older will be a part of acting and producing a play from performance to building/painting sets, lights, sound and stage management.