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2021-22 e-Learning Academy Schedules


PSAS e-Learning Academy and the Falcon Aerolab have partnered to provide our students the ability to experience multiple STEM-related career fields. 

Level 1

Students will participate in projects to build, fly and keep radio-controlled airplanes and drones, experience gliders, powered airplanes, helicopters, and a vertical wind tunnel as well as meet astronauts, engineers, and pilots. There will also be opportunities for aerospace field trips.

The Level 1 curriculum is just a sample platter of multiple STEM-related career fields. 

Level 1 will be located at the PSAS Jones Campus from 9:30a-3:30p on Fridays throughout the school year.

Helicopter Cockpit
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Ruthanne Gonzales, 6th grade

Meet Ruthanne Gonzales, a 6th Grader from our e-Learning Academy, who talks about her experience with our online program!

Florencio Gonzales, 7th grade

Florencio Gonzales, a 7th Grader from our e-Learning Academy, talks about the activities he does as well as his experience with our online program!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes the PSAS e-Learning Academy different?

PSAS is Colorado's third oldest charter school and has a long history of meeting the needs of all learners. Although there may be other online options, PSAS e-Learning will have teachers in direct contact with parents and students. In most online programs, teachers may work with 50 to 60 students as a guide or may work with non-teachers to carry out the program. PSAS is expanding our in-school model into an online format that includes live instruction and a more personal connection.

How much screen time will students have?

The PSAS e-Learning Academy will have many elements from PBL (Project Based Learning) along with Paideia options. This curriculum encourages students to work with their content concepts in different ways ranging from community service projects to fun activities, like creating websites and commercials. Screen time will be balanced with projects in a way that will provide both online instruction and hands-on work. Although computer work time will vary, it will be equivalent to four hours on average.

What curriculum will the program utilize?

The curriculum for each grade level will be aligned with Colorado Academic Standards and will be vertically aligned within our program. The curriculum providers will include Pearson, Saxon, Edmentum, and other traditional vendors. The focus of any of the programs which our school community selects will focus on ensuring that students master essential learning skills and receive meaningful feedback. Schoology is our LMS (Learning Management System), but our professional teachers will have the autonomy to work with families to create the best educational experience possible.

Are there teachers, or just a program?

One of the focus areas which PSAS has kept over the past 25 years is on assuring a good teacher to student ratio while assuring that we treat every child with a high level of respect and care. In order to carry out our school's mission and vision in an online format, we chose to ensure that we have teachers working directly with students using best teaching practices and using the curriculum as a tool, not as the sole provider of your child's education.

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