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The mission of Pueblo Classical Academy powered by Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences is to develop responsible citizens and critical thinkers through a classically based liberal arts program that focuses on truth, beauty, and virtue while emphasizing leadership and a passion for learning.


The vision of Pueblo Classical Academy powered by Pueblo School for Arts and Sciences is to partner with families and guide students in becoming honorable citizens by providing a rigorous classical education that is accessible to all students in the Pueblo community.


What is Classical Education?

Students at PCA will study authentic content.  Students will learn about historical events and figures, rich literature, scientific discoveries, and facts, as well as mathematical theorems and proofs.  Students will study Latin as the foundation of language.  These studies bring history to life; giving students a deeper understanding of the current world.    
Students are active participants in their learning; classes incorporate the Socratic method of engaging dialog between students and teachers. Socratic seminars are a tool to teach students to become independent thinkers and form opinions and ideals based on research.    Woven into this approach are the pillars of success, which focus on forming students who are good citizens and good neighbors. 

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Why should families choose Pueblo Classical Academy?

In a single word, virtue.  The purpose of a classical academy is to produce good neighbors regardless of the path a student pursues after high school.   The teachers at  Pueblo Classical Academy will use all courses as an opportunity to teach character building traits and critical thinkers.

Pueblo Classical Academy’s intent is to truly produce students who are thoughtful in their decisions; students who develop their opinions and views based on logical analysis of the information.   Our students will learn not to jump to conclusions, but rather develop viewpoints that can change as the student becomes more informed.   Pueblo Classical Academy will do more than just guide students to receive a diploma, PCA will produce thoughtful community leaders and citizens. 

What are Encore Classes?


At PCA all students  are part of a shared learning community. In addition to the core classes of math, history, science and ELA, this shared learning community will have Encore classes that include:  Foundations Latin, Design and Engineering, PE, Enrichment/Tutoring, Music and Art. 


  • How does homeschooling work?
    Colorado requires 172 days of instruction a year with an average of 4 contact hours daily. Colorado law states homeschool programs must include, but are not limited to, communication skills of reading, writing and speaking, mathematics, history, civics, literature, science, and regular courses of instruction in the constitution of the United States. The selection of curriculum is up to the parent(s) overseeing the homeschooling program. Find out more about the Colorado Homeschool Law at
  • What is the PSAS Homeschool program and how does it work?
    Through this one day a week enrichment program, teachers design and implement curriculum supporting your homeschool efforts. We do not require any direct instructional participation, but we would love for you to visit us. Students rotate through Art, Music, Science, STEM, Theater. Extracurricular activities include our partnership with Falcon Aerolab to give our students the opportunity to participate in hands-on experiences and explore with pilots, astronauts, engineers, scientists, and more as well as learning how to build a drone, launch rockets and fly in a helicopter.
  • When and how may I register my student?
    Registration for the upcoming school year is ongoing. To register right here on this website: For grades K-8, click on the New Family Waitlist icon and fill out that information. If you are interested in getting your High Schooler into our program, click on the High School Interest List and fill out that information. We will contact you and give you information about our enrollment procedures. We will send an enrollment link for your child for you to complete. Please contact Ms.Zia-Ahmadi for more details at (719) 430-5858 x 301
  • What documents are required to complete enrollment?
    You will need the following: • Copy of Intent to Homeschool. Pursuant to Colorado law, parents wishing to begin homeschooling must provide written notification of the establishment of the home school program 14 days before beginning the program to a Colorado school district. Written notification must be resubmitted to a Colorado school district each year. • Copy of Birth Certificate • Copy of immunization records or the updated signed Colorado Immunization waiver form • Home Language Survey
  • Can my student be enrolled in both COVA, K12 Online, or another publicly funded online program and PSAS Homeschool Program?"
    No. PSAS Homeschool is a tuition-free program as we receive a portion of Per Pupil Operation Revenue, which is distributed at the state level, for each enrolled student. COVA, K12 Online and similar programs also receive funding and thus, students may only be enrolled in one publicly-funded program.
  • Can my child attend if we don’t live in the district of choice?
    Yes! We have no geographic boundaries for the PSAS Homeschool Enrichment Program. It does not matter which school district you live in. Come join us.
  • What are standard school hours?
    Drop off: 8:00 a.m to 8:15 a.m. Class time: 8:15 a.m. to 3:15 p.m. Pick up: 3:15 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
  • What should my child bring for the day?
    • Backpack with a folder • 2 pencils, crayons, colored pencils, scissors, glue stick, a highlighter, markers (optional) (We will have no communal supplies this year due to covid) • Lunch, two snacks and a water bottle. Please do not pack sugary drinks such as soda • We will have a supply list on our website or you can pick up a copy at the front desk
  • Are school uniforms or school t-shirts required?
    We do not have specific uniforms or t-shirts. We do however follow a particular dress code as outlined in the Parent Handbook School t-shirts are available at the front desk for $10.00, if you’re interested.
  • When is the first day of school?
    Classes begin August 17th. Please visit our network calendar. Your student’s first day will be in the first week of school on the day you indicated for attendance purposes.
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The Introduction to Classical Education:
A Guide for Parents

by Christopher A. Perrin, PhD (Classical Academic Press, 2004)

"We think of our mothers, we read to our children; looking to the past we set our gaze as well to the future. Classical educators are hopeful and forward-looking; they seem to find the excellencies of the past are the best preparation for what lies ahead. They all concur that while times change, human nature does not, making books and the voice of our mothers reading to us some of the deepest things we know, and the most profound gifts we can pass on. Classical education trusts you to be, at bottom, the love of our children to whom we give the best we have received."

To read the full guide, click the button below!

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