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25th Anniversary - The Year of Quarantine

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

On the 25th anniversary of PSAS, 2020 will be referred to as the year of being quarantined. Being quarantined has allowed me to reflect on why our school is such a staple in the Pueblo community. I have found that PSAS and our families embrace challenges. We take these obstacles and make them into highlights. This challenge that we are facing as a world community is, at times, overwhelming. I'm sure like you; I find I have to dig deep into my years of experience for inspiration. 

Fifteen years ago, I started my journey at PSAS as the technology teacher. I have seen the elevation of our school despite, or possibly because of, the bumps in the road. Teaching here at PSAS is a one of a kind experience. One of the many aspects I love about our school is the opportunities we can provide our students. They are involved in a variety of activities such as Design & Engineering, Student Council, Cross Country, Soccer, Band, Choir, Marching Band, Color Guard, and so many more. Even though our students are involved in so many activities, they do so at a mastery level, making them award-winning programs. Our students are exposed to a variety of opportunities they typically would not have access to in traditional school settings.

During this past week, as our staff and educators work tirelessly to get ready for E-Learning, there is one thing that is at the forefront of their minds. That thing is your children. This speaks volumes about our teachers and staff. Even amidst this crisis, they are ensuring that your child receives an education that is meaningful and engaging. Our staff has been soaking up multiple hours of E-Learning training courses this last week. They have been working as an educational community network-wide to ensure student success from afar. Please know, when this quarantine is over, and restrictions have been lifted, our staff will be waiting to welcome you all back with open arms. Until then, stay safe and reach out to us if you need anything. 

Julia Montaño

Assistant Principal

PSAS Jones Campus

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