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Our Story

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

By: Efrain Tapia

As a longtime PSAS teacher, former PSAS parent, and current e-Learning Director, I cannot help but think of the question, “What is our story?” PSAS was created by a group of individuals in Pueblo who saw an idea of a Paideia school in Tennessee and asked the question, “Why not Pueblo?” That started the Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences, which filled the halls of a formerly shuttered Washington Elementary school. The halls were filled with smiles, curiosity, innovation, and hope. Pueblo needed a school that thrived off of innovation and happiness. PSAS Jones had “Art on a cart” and a Spanish teacher who visited classrooms. Since then, we have prided ourselves and often share memories which start with “Remember when….” followed by our successes.

We were pioneers in being a new charter school, chartering new territories. As Colorado’s 3rd oldest charter school, we are once again chartering new territories. In an interesting link to world events, we once again have Art on a cart, and have curiosity and exploration as our driving force. We have our Jones campus which has found its original self of exploration, our Fulton campus “Maker School” which embraces new challenges, a Homeschool enrichment program, and now we have a new PSAS e-Learning program. Online learning is nothing new, but the way we are doing it is different. We have a student-first approach, with a personal touch which only PSAS can offer. We have a school of arts, a school of making, a Homeschool Enrichment program, and now we have a PSAS e-Learning program that appreciates all of the above.

Many schools across the nation are asking, “What now?”, while we are building our “New Story”. Our PSAS story didn’t end where many other schools have paused, but it began a new chapter. We are once again chartering new territories. We are once again leaning on each other for support. We are once again leaders in a territory that is not new for PSAS, but it is exactly where we started. We live and thrive in the world of innovation. That is our home; we are at home.

The Pueblo School for the Arts and Sciences was founded upon being different, being creative, and in reflecting our great city. We have heart, we have curiosity, and we are going to make the best schools around for our students and families. We, the PSAS community, will leave our mark and will leave great memories. Someday, in the future, our story will begin with “Remember when…” followed by tales of triumph, pride, and of appreciation. We are not just part of PSAS; we are PSAS. We are the story.

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